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Online Reputation Management Services

What are people saying about you and your company online? Do you know how to find and deal with negative reviews without making a bad situation worse? When people search for your company do they find those negative reviews before they even see your own site? Let us help you discover what others are saying about you and come up with a strategy for improving or maintaining your reputation online.

Our online reputation management services help you keep customers happier and head off problems before they get out of control.

DSS Media’s Online Reputation Management Services

  • Online Reputation Audit — We conduct the research to see how your brand is being portrayed online. We review social media outlets, consumer complaint sites, search engine results and more to arm you with the information you need to build a better online reputation strategy.
  • Online Reputation Management Strategy — Have a problem with your online reputation? We can help you come up with a plan to solve customer complaints, overcome negative information in search results, and build a more positive image through social media channels.
  • Search Engine Optimization — Our SEO services can do more than help you rank well in search engines for important keyword phrases. We can also help you build authoritative content and links that show search engines your own sites deserve to outrank your critics.
  • Paid Search Placements — If there’s a strong negative search presence tied to your company, you might not be able to wait for improved organic search rankings. Instead, turn to our SEM services like paid ads in search engine results for a quicker turnaround. Then focus on SEO for long tail benefits.
  • Social Media Monitoring — An up front online reputation audit might not be enough. If you’re concerned about ongoing customer service complaints online, we can monitor the trends for you across a variety of social media outlets. Find out what people have said about you, and what they’ll say tomorrow. Staying on top of social media monitoring lets you jump on problems quickly and see how your customer service improvements are affecting your reputation over time.
  • Community Engagement / Customer Service — We can do more than monitor your online reputation and report problems. If you don’t have enough staff to address all of those complaints online, we can help you with that too! We’ll manage your social media presence and engage with your community in a positive way to help you overcome past problems in your company’s online reputation.

Are you ready to improve your image, make customers happier, and win more new customers? Then contact us today for a custom quote on our online reputation management services.