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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

Sometimes the organic search rankings from your SEO strategy aren’t enough or they don’t happen fast enough. There are other types of search engine marketing services that can give you an even more aggressive marketing push, and ones that serve as complements to your long-term SEO strategy. That includes paid placements in search results to take advantage of premium screen real estate to drive even more traffic to your website. Let us help you find the right balance between your organic and paid search engine presence to maximize your reach.

Find out what our search engine marketing services can do for your business or website.

DSS Media’s SEM Services

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — We offer a full selection of SEO services to help you achieve higher organic search engine rankings and get more traffic and leads. Find out more about our SEO services.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising — Have you considered working with ad networks like Google Adwords, Microsoft’s adCenter, or Yahoo! Search Marketing but you don’t know where to start? Leave it to us. We’ll conduct the keyword research, find competitive terms to bid on within your budget, and make sure your ads contain high-conversion copy. Paid placements in search results can give you a solid head start while you build your organic rankings.
  • Banner Ad Campaigns — We help you grow your PPC efforts with custom-created banner ads that lend visual interest to your advertising message and increase conversions. Go beyond text ad campaigns with our Internet marketing and design specialists on your side.
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization — It isn’t enough to drive prospects to your website through search engines. When they arrive at your site, they reach a landing page that has to convert them into buyers, subscribers, or something else. We combine copywriting savvy with our other SEM work so you get the traffic you want and get those visitors to do what you want!
  • SEM Strategy Development — We help you put it all together, from planning your overall search marketing strategy to implementing all or parts of that strategy. Our business is helping you grow your business, whether that means serving as a coach or helping you more directly every step of the way.

Are you tired of being invisible in search engines? Do you want to make it easier for prospects to find you when they search? Contact us today for a custom quote on any of our SEM services, and we’ll get you moving in the right direction.